UnifiedAR is a DIY augmented reality marketing platform, built from the ground up to be super easy to use.

Augmented Reality App features

The UnifiedAR app allows consumers to view any augmented reality experience delivered through the system without the need to download additional apps.

Available for Android and iOS

White label apps and solutions

SDK - integrate with your own app (Contact us for more info)

Integrated in app messaging (coming soon)

The system

UnifiedAR is a DIY augmented reality marketing platform built specifically for ease of use. It doesn't matter what your level of technical experience is, anybody can set up an augmented reality campaign in no time using UnifiedAR, the augmented reality app development platform.

Simply log into your account

Upload your marker and experience

Set your call to action and deploy

Start tracking consumer engagement

If you have any query feel free to contact us!

augmented reality iphone
augmented reality android

Call to action

Improve customer experience by allowing consumers to view highly engaging augmented reality content that seamlessly takes them across integrated digital channels. With UnifiedAR's call to action functionality you can direct app users to any of the following and more.

Web forms for data capture

Phone numbers and email addresses

Websites and landing pages

Surveys and questionnaires

Ticket booking systems

Online shops


The UnifiedAR platform allows you to monitor customer engagement with your augmented reality campaigns in real time. Finally print media is measurable. The following are some of the metrics that can be accessed through the platform.

How many times your campaign has been viewed

When your campaign was viewed

Where it was viewed from

How often was it viewed by specific app users

What other campaigns app users have viewed of yours

augmented virtual reality
virtual reality augmented reality

Standard Developer Kit (SDK)

Provide your customer with an enhanced experience through augmented reality mobile app. Integrate UnifiedAR into your own mobile app.

Build augmented reality android application.

Build augmented reality iphone application

Save thousands by using UnifiedAR's prebuilt augmented reality apps and platform

UnifiedAR manages all app updates and submissions

Utilise UnifiedAR's backend to easily manage campaigns and view reporting

Get access to UnifiedAR developers for technical support.

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