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Don't miss the opportunity to expand your service offering. Stand out from the crowd with AR for Agencies.


50% of Agencies Agree Increasing Competition is an Threat

According to a report by Wix Digital Agencies, in 2020 ‘A Glimpse into the Future’, 50% of digital marketing agencies agreed that increasing competition was an issue and that agencies need to include an integrated approach to marketing in their service offering. To cut through the noise and thrive, agencies need to stay on top of digital trends in order to offer innovative and emotionally appealing strategies to their clients. Top growth-opportunities highlighted in the Wix report for agencies include “offering higher-end design” and offering additional marketing services. One way do both is to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) solutions and to include it in the agency service suite.

There are many ways AR can be successfully integrated into marketing campaigns and offered as a high-end service to your clients. Enhancing print campaigns is probably one of the most transforming benefits of AR. With AR, marketing agencies can create immersive, interactive and engaging AR marketing experiences, right from a printed brochure, a print ad or any other print collateral.

AR can also strengthen sales by letting customers purchase directly from print originated experiences with integrated calls-to-action. For example, real estate agency, McGrath Estate Agents, created AR-enabled property advertisements which delivered property showcase videos and prompts to visit the website for more information—all seamlessly done with a call-to-action accessed from the print initiated experience.

AR for Agencies: A New Revenue Stream

AR for Agencies is a partner program where agencies can leverage the UnifiedAR’s AR technology to offer customers innovative augmented reality solutions under their own brand. Agencies can set themselves apart from the competition and position their business as an innovative leader in the omnichannel marketing space by implementing AR and Interactive Print as a seamless part of the marketing strategy.

AR for Agencies enables agencies to monitor real, tangible metrics and measure ROI, now even from print based marketing. This is a powerful game-changer, as any marketing agency knows that marketing metrics are vital to track and reach marketing campaign objectives.

As a UnifiedAR Solutions Partner, agencies get all of their demo campaigns free of charge and their customer’s solutions, including white labelling costs, at a wholesale rate. Agencies can also sell their solution at whatever price best suits their business. It’s never been easier to create highly profitable AR solutions from both recurring campaign fees and services like consulting, content production and campaign management.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Expand Your Agency Service Offering With AR for Agencies

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Don't miss the opportunity to expand your service offering. Stand out from the crowd with AR for Agencies.


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