Partner with UnifiedAR and receive your own branded AR customer and campaign management platform, AR apps and even WebAR solutions. Easily take your solutions to market without having to reference the UnifiedAR brand. Seamlessly integrate AR into your existing products and services and create your own unique solutions specific to your business and customers. Price your solutions to suit your own unique products and service levels.
As a UnifiedAR Solutions Partner, you get all of your demo campaigns free of charge and your customer's solutions, including white labelling costs, at a wholesale rate - that’s a huge 50% off our own recommended retail price. You can also sell your solution at whatever price best suits your business. It's never been easier to create highly profitable AR solutions from both recurring campaign fees and services like consulting, content production and campaign management.
As a UnifiedAR Solutions Partner, you receive unlimited access to online training and support resources. We provide online platform training and are available anytime to talk about various opportunities available to you and how to best acquire them. We even provide access to a growing library of generic marketing and educational resources to help you implement AR in your business. You success is our success, and we take that very seriously.
As a UnifiedAR Solutions Partner, you get access to a dedicated Account Manager to help implement and grow your AR solutions and business. Catch up regularly with your Account Manager for advice on customer opportunities and updates on the technology and the market. Your Account Manager’s primary focus is to ensure that you have everything you need to make your AR solution a success in the market. Think of your Account Manager as your Success Manager.


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