Augmented Virtual Reality Mobile App Development

augmented virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR) App Development

UnifiedAR specialises in Augmented and Virtual Reality for web and mobile devices. Having built one of the first augmented reality marketing platforms for marketers, we understand what is required to deliver an engaging augmented reality experience that is functional, not just a gimmick. Using the UnifiedAR's standard developer kit (SDK), cut down the development costs so that your budget is spent on delivering engaging AR content rather than the technology.

AR for retail, education and business

AR for games, loyalty programs and trade shows

Interactive animated 2D and 3D content

AR apps for Microsoft Hololens

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) Technology

Virtual reality and mixed reality solutions for all industries. Increase customer engagement with your brand and products by enabling your audience to experience and interact with your products. See the example video below which shows how a property developer enables their customers to experience off the plan apartments.

For property developer, retail, education

Mixed reality apps for mobile devices

VR and MR technology for headsets

augmented virtual reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and MR Content Development

We can help you develop interactive 3D and video content for all industries. Re-creating your products in 3D enables you to produce highly interactive and engaging augmented reality and mixed reality experience for your audience. Deliver these content via UnifiedAR augmented reality marketing platform or your own customised AR/MR app.

Converting 2D floor plans to 3D renders

3D walkthrough of property with customisable interior

3D scanning and rendering of products

Animated and interactive 2D content

Video production

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