You can easily create and manage your AR and Interactive Print with our easy-to-use campaign management platform, no technical experience required.
Provide prospective and current students with immersive AR experiences with or without an app. It's easy, it’s simple and it’s effective. AR solutions for all situations.
AR and Interactive Print
Bring print to life with engaging and interactive video and 3D content. Seamlessly direct students to websites, enrolment forms or tutorials, using calls to action.
Add greater value to printed material or booklets by overlaying with 3D models or animations, helping to improve and enhance the learning experience.
Allow students to interact with informative 3D education models and animations on almost any horizontal surface. Learning has never been more fun or engaging.
Track engagement performance with in built live reporting feature. Track number of views, click throughs and a number of other important engagement metrics.
Reinforce your positioning as an innovative leader in the education space with your own branded white label augmented reality apps and WebAR functionality.
Seamlessly integrate UnifiedAR's AR scanner technology scanner into your existing mobile app by providing your app developers with UnifiedAR's SDK.


Augmented Reality is a fantastic tool that is changing the way consumers see and engage with brands/products. Augmented Reality is the bridge between the digital world and the print world. Direct mailers partnering with augmented reality creates a more engaging and overall better brand experience for the consumer.

Businesses and Marketers

On top of it being better for consumers it’s also better for companies and marketers as they can gage how many people click on which link, button or even use the Augmented Reality system in place. This gives marketers more ammo to help businesses succeed and showcases information about target audiences we can’t get from print alone.

Augmented Reality Ideas

Augmented Reality gives an extra layer to capture the consumers attention by allowing them to use a device such as a smartphone or tablet to pull up something that pulls them into the product or brand itself. This could be a 3D image of the product, information or a whole alternate reality involving the brand and or product, or even a game. The beauty of Augmented Reality is that the sky is the limit and if you can think it, we can make it happen.

Why Augmented Reality?

In 2019 68.7 million people used Augmented Reality at least once a month. That is project to increase to 75 billion by 2023! Increased sales and increased consumer engagement is through the roof when it comes to AR and direct mailers. While large brands will always be a dominate force in the Augmented Reality branding small business have seen major upturns with it. Such as small coffee shops showcasing their story and where their coffee beans come from and how they attain their rich flavor.

The possibilities with Augmented Reality are endless and they will continue to grow in this amazing new wave of uncharted marketing territory continues to dominate the world of advertising.

AR for Direct Mail

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