5 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Marketing

The Benefits of AR in Marketing

As far as marketing trends are concerned, Augmented Reality (AR) is a game-changer for direct mail campaigns and print advertising. Overlaying visual effects onto print and real world environments, AR marketing an audience try on items or picture items in their home, along with accessing video and audio content provides them additional information about a company, and their products and services. Customers accessing these rich and engaging experiences from their mobile devices are spending more time with brands and are showing:

  • a 94% higher conversion rate and,
  • an increased purchase intent of nearly 2.5 times

As AR technology has developed, it has become more accessible, more affordable, and easy to use. As consumers continue to embrace AR due to its engaging nature, it is equally important for businesses and marketers to incorporate this innovative technology into their omnichannel marketing campaigns. Earlier this year, Statista revealed that AR-based shopping encourages almost half of all consumers to spend more and that there are approximately 1.4 billion active AR compatible devices on the globe today.  Since AR is a relatively new must-have in marketing campaigns, when incorporating AR into campaigns, it is important not to miss opportunities to engage a new audience while maintaining your current audience.

This month we look at the benefits of including AR-enabled direct mail and interactive print into your marketing campaigns.  When into everyday marketing strategies it creates real benefits to not only marketers, but to their audience as well:

  1. Consumer convenience
    With 83% of the world using smartphones, AR is accessible to the vast majority of consumers all over the world. This means that consumers can enjoy and interact with immersive brand experiences from the comfort of their homes, and at whatever time best suits their schedule.
  2. Enhances Customer ExperienceInteractive print campaigns have helped brands boost their engagement and sales. Showing products in a real-life setting, where customers can try out and try on products, provides an experience similar to being in the store which helps shoppers make better and more informed purchases. Likewise, AR-enabled direct mail can help engage a new audience and customer base.  A recent invespcro.com study found that:
    • 61% of online shoppers preferred to shop with brands that use AR technology
    • 63% said AR improves their shopping experiences
    • 35% said AR encourages them to shop online more regularly
  1. Simplifying Product or Service Information
    Interactive print helps simply product information as it can redirect the user to a website with videos and interactive content that can help the user learn about the product in a more visual manner which is helpful for complex products.  The good news is that with AR, brands can break detailed and complicated info into easier-to-understand digital nuggets that provide a better understanding of these products and their value to expedite the purchasing phase of online shopping journeys.
  2. Increases Engagement
    AR-enabled direct mail with immersive and interactive content increases engagement and by delivering unique and memorable content experiences that stand out.  This feature allows consumers to engage on a more immersive level.  For example, including a QR code on a direct mail piece can redirect the consumer directly to the website where they can learn more about the product and make their purchase or appointment on the spot.
  3. Stand out from the competition
    Well-thought-out and designed AR marketing strategies can breathe new life into your brand, giving you a more innovative, forward-thinking, and exciting stance than brands using only traditional marketing channels. Augmented Reality can help brands to stand out from the competition.

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