Digital Glare – AR Solutions Reseller

Client: Digital Glare


Project: AR Solutions Reseller

Client Overview:

Digital Glare is an online solutions provider with offices in Brisbane, Australia and Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Digital Glare signed a foundation Reseller License with UnifiedAR in March 2018. This arrangement worked well for both businesses as it not only helped UnifiedAR to establish and optimise its distribution channel program, which is its primary go to market strategy and in return allowed Digital Glare an exclusivity period in which it could launch augmented reality solutions to the market with the view of it becoming their primary product moving forward.


Digital Glare implement a UnifiedAR branded augmented reality solution into the business along with a number of other augmented reality services and in very little time was able to start acquiring its own augmented reality customer work for businesses such as Aria Property Group, HDAA, Infinity GC and a number of other businesses, including PMD Tea and Future Hub, within Sri Lanka.

As a Reseller of UnifiedAR, Digital Glare received all customer usage billing at a wholesale rate which meant the markups set by Digital Glare along with any additional services such as 3D modelling and consulting etc. made for a very profitable new channel of business.

Over the past to years UnifiedAR’s Reseller Program has enabled Digital Glare to implement new, and highly profitable, solutions into the business, so much so that Digital Glare’s augmented reality solutions are now set to completely replace any of the previous web solution work that the business had found increasingly difficult to compete with and supply.