Provide customers with access to powerful and engaging AR content such as video, 3D and animated objects via an AR app that can even be white labelled as your own if required.

App AR Features

App Based AR Marketing
Provide customers with app based access to interactive and immersive 3D models, animations or video content as Augmented Reality or Interactive Print.
Live Reporting
Track campaign performance with the inbuilt live reporting feature. Track views, click throughs and other engagement metrics.
Calls to Action
Easily connect your AR or interactive print campaigns to websites, online stores, or any other URL. Even link through to email addresses and phone numbers.
Optional White Labeling
Create a more connected and memorable brand experience for customers with your own branded augmented reality apps and WebAR functionality.

How It Works?

Step 1:  Scan the QR code to download the UnifiedAR app.

Step 2:  Click on the “Scan AR Content” button and then aim your phone at the AR enabled image.

Step 3:  Watch the AR experience delivered from the image and follow directions where prompted.


Alternatively, download the UnifiedAR app here: