AR in your own app
Provide your customers with access to interactive and immersive AR content—from 3D models, 3D animations to video content—from any printed material.
Easy to use
You can easily create and manage your AR and Interactive Print with our easy-to-use campaign management platform, no technical experience required.
Live reporting
Track campaign performance with in built live reporting feature. Track number of views, click throughs and a number of other important engagement metrics.
Maintained by UnifiedAR
Once integrated, UnifiedAR continues to support maintain and update the AR scanner functionality, your app developers simply look after your app as per normal.

How does the Augmented Reality SDK work?

Step 1:  Register for an Augmented Reality SDK (Integration Tool) license.

Step 2:  Provide your app developers with the SDK Documentation and SDK Key.

Step 3:  Your app developers integrate our AR scanner into your existing native mobile app.

Step 4:  Once integrated, your customers can access your AR content from your existing app.

Step 5:  You continue to manage your app as normal whilst we maintain the AR scanner.

SDK licence holders will get access to the UnifiedAR platform to create and manage their campaigns from.

Augmented Reality SDK