Dynamic & Personal QR Codes

Update the destination URLs of your QR Codes in real-time to keep your content fresh, eliminating the need to reprint or redistribute physical materials. This dynamic approach ensures that your audience always accesses the latest information without delays or additional costs. With this technology, you can seamlessly modify the links embedded in your QR Codes, adapting to changes in your campaigns or promotions instantly. Stay agile and responsive by leveraging real-time updates for your QR Code content, enhancing user experience and maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
Unlock valuable insights with Personal QR Codes. Get detailed analytics on scan metrics, geographic data, device types, and individual behavior. This data is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies and comprehending audience behavior. Dive deep into the analytics of your QR Codes to enhance your campaigns and drive results. Understand your audience better, tailor your approach, and boost engagement. Personal QR Codes provide a wealth of information to refine your marketing efforts effectively. Optimize your strategies, track performance, and stay ahead in reaching your target audience.

Dynamic & Personal QR Codes:

Let Interactive Print open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business!

Stand out and thrive in an increasingly competitive market with engaging, interactive and memorable print marketing experiences!

UnifiedAR solutions include:

    • Simple to use campaign builder
    • White label technology
    • WebAR solutions – no apps required
    • Dynamic & Personal QR Codes
    • Deliver AR video, 360-degree video and interactive 3D
    • eBusiness Cards
    • Realtime campaign reporting
    • Advanced omnichannel marketing solutions
    • Optional full-service solutions

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About UnifiedAR

UnifiedAR is a world-leading developer of cutting-edge Interactive Print and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. With our innovative technology, we revolutionize the way brands engage with their audience by seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. Our Interactive Print and AR solutions enable businesses to captivate customers and deliver memorable experiences that go beyond traditional marketing.

Our platform empowers businesses to stand out from the competition by offering white-label Interactive Print and AR experiences. These experiences not only engage customers but also drive profitability, helping businesses boost revenue and customer engagement. Whether it’s transforming print materials or enhancing digital marketing campaigns, UnifiedAR provides printers with the tools to create interactive journeys that captivate and inspire.

But we are more than just a service provider. At UnifiedAR, we believe in partnership and innovation. That’s why we have developed our Partner Program, designed specifically for printers and agencies. This program allows our partners to offer state-of-the-art AR solutions under their own brand, with white-label options, free demonstration campaigns, dedicated account management, and ongoing sales support. We are committed to enabling our partners to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Key features of our platform include the ability to create campaigns in seconds, access to live reporting for insightful analytics, and the versatility of app-based AR marketing alongside WebAR capabilities. Our user-friendly platform requires no technical experience, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. We offer flexible pricing plans, from starter packages to enterprise solutions, each crafted to provide maximum value. Dynamic QR scans, geo-content, and unlimited users are just a few of the features available to enhance your AR experiences.

With offices in the United States and Australia, and a global network of Authorized Solutions Partners, UnifiedAR is committed to delivering local support on a global scale. We invite businesses and developers to explore the transformative potential of AR with UnifiedAR. Whether through our self-service platform or by integrating our technology directly into existing applications, we are here to help you unlock new possibilities and truly engage with your audience. Join us on this exciting journey!

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With a global network of Authorized Solutions Partners and offices in the United States and Australia, UnifiedAR is a global yet local provider of Interactive Print & Augmented Reality solutions.

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