Create Campaigns in 60 seconds
White Label AR solutions to help you easily create Augmented Reality & Interactive Print campaigns in as little as 60 secs. Simply upload content to get started.
White Label Campaign Builder
Provide staff, business units, franchisees or even customers access to a simple to use AR and Interactive Print campaign builder, branded as your own solution.
Easy to use
You can easily create and manage your AR and Interactive Print with our easy-to-use campaign management platform, no technical experience required.
Built-in reporting
Track campaign performance with in built live reporting feature. Track number of views, click throughs and a number of other important engagement metrics.
White Label AR Apps
Create a more connected brand experience for customers with your own white label AR apps. You can even link your own web pages, like online store, into your app.
White Label WebAR Solutions
Enhance the brand experience of WebAR campaigns for customers by including white label WebAR splash/landing pages and custom WebAR browser URLs.
AR and Interactive Print
Print to video
Bring print to life with engaging and interactive video and 3D content. Seamlessly direct consumers to websites, online stores or webforms, using calls to action.
Print to 3D
Add depth and value to your print by overlaying with 3D models or animations. Allow consumers to access 3D property plans and products in their home.

Optional White Labelling

WebAR White Label Solution

UnifiedAR offers White Label AR solutions for businesses who want to reinforce their brand experience across all customer interactions.

With the WebAR White Label Solution, you can easily create your own branded WebAR splash pages and white label WebAR URLs for experiences.

Total White Label AR Solution

With UnifiedAR’s Total White Label Solution, you have all the benefits of the WebAR White Label option PLUS you get access to your own fully white labelled AR apps for use with AR campaigns.

The white label AR apps are fully branded to your specifications and can include links to other online assets and resources such as online stores, contact forms, and ticket systems, making them more a holistic AR enabled marketing app.

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  • $70/mo
  • White Label WebAR
  • Splash Pages
  • $349/mo
  • White Label WebAR
  • Splash Pages
  • Rebranded Apps