AR Solutions for Printers

> Augmented reality is the evolution of print (Interactive Print)

> Simple to implement and use

> Easily generate new streams of recurring revenue 

> WebAR functionality available – no apps required

White Label Printer Solutions

> Easily implement complimentary AR solutions

> Create more value from your print

> Create interest through amazing new tech

> Generate new streams of recurring revenue

> Provide customers with white label solutions

> WebAR available – No apps required

*AR has also shown to generate print opportunities.

What You Can Do

Video on print

Print to Video

Bring print collateral to life with interactive video. Direct consumers straight to your website, online store or CRM using integrated Calls to Action.

3D on print

Print to 3D

Convert printed 2D floor plans to 3D models that consumers can view, interact with and walk through to access more information and details.

AR Packaging

Cylindrical Video

The UnifiedAR Cylindrical Video functionality will allow you to wrap video content around wine bottles, beer bottles or other cylindrical objects.

Vertical video

Vertical Video

Set up AR videos so that they stand at 90 degrees to print like a video introduction delivered by a person standing on business card.

Green Screen Video

Green Screen Video

UnifiedAR can be set to automatically remove green screen in videos allowing the ability to make certain parts of the video transparent.

Showcase Ideas

Markerless AR

Not all AR needs to be delivered from print. UnifiedAR enables delivery of 3D models and animations in a real world environment.

Showcase products

Showcase Products

Architects, property developers and product designers can showcase designs by placing 3D versions of them in the real world.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

UnifiedAR supports the delivery of mixed reality experiences which are a hybrid of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Track and Engage

Call to action

Connect Print to Digital

Finally integrate print seamlessly with your digital marketing. Connect your print collateral with your digital by linking it to your website, online store or CRM whilst measuring ROI.

Track Engage iPad

Track Engagement

Powerful analytics will show how and where your audience is engaging with your print marketing. Use this data to re-engage via other digital channels such as social media and paid search.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Re-engage with targeted push notifications. Send push notifications to consumers based on how they have interacted with your augmented reality campaigns.

Simple to Use

AR Platform CMS

Create Campaign

Simply upload your marker image, upload your experience (video or model) and save.

AR Platform CMS

Call to Actions

Add a call to action that directs viewers to a URL of your choice, such as website or online store.

AR Platform CMS

Connect Social Media

Connect with social media, eCommerce, online tickets using the simple side buttons feature.

AR Platform CMS

Video Settings

Configure video settings to customise size, remove green screen or even sit video at 90 degrees to print.



Per Month - Excludes Tax

Ideal for Printers, Publishers and Agencies

Your own branded AR solutions for as little as $95/mth

  • Rebranded AR apps and multi-tier client management platform
  • Unlimited free demo campaigns
  • 50% discount on all customer usage costs (based off UnifiedAR's RRP)
  • Set your own service levels and pricing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Support

Solutions Partner Program

Rebranded mobile apps

White Label Apps

Your own branded apps for Apple and Android mobile devices including ongoing app updates.

Activ8AR rebranded AR CMS

White Label Platform

Your own branded client management platform where you can provide full or self service solutions.

AR Reseller Platform

Multi-tiered Accounts

One platform to monitor and manage all your AR customers and their campaigns.

AR Reseller Platform support

Training & Support

Everything you need to get started including training, support and sales resources.

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