How Do I Create a Successful AR Campaign?

Whilst it’s true that successful Augmented Reality campaigns require engaging relevant content it’s more so important that the strategy behind the AR Campaign is solid and succinct. Who is the target audience, what is the goal, how do I best get the target audience engaged, what are the clear calls to action and most importantly, what’s in it for the audience? What is going to make them want to take out their phone and scan the QR code?

This may sound a little confusing or complex however it’s no different to mapping a successful AR Campaign on any other platform.

With this in mind let’s break this down into clear steps:

  1. What is the goal of the AR Campaign?
    Is it to encourage the sale of a product, registration to an event or is it a brand building exercise? Whatever the goal, each step of the AR Campaign needs to be relevant and resonate with the outcome.
  1. Who is the target audience?
    Is the target audience a demographic that will engage and value Augmented Reality as their part of their journey? For example; there’s little logic in including AR in a campaign that is directed to an “Over 70’s” demographic – this age group is less likely to pull out a mobile phone and scan a QR code no matter what’s in it for them. Equally, you would probably not use Augmented Reality in a campaign that targets a remote audience with little to no internet access … AR needs the internet to work.
  1. What is the timing of my AR Campaign?
    When do I propose deploying my AR Campaign and will it be timed well? This one seems like a “no-brainer” however you wouldn’t promote back to school products the week before school breaks for holidays. Seasons and seasonal events will have an impact on campaign performance.
  1. What is the product or service I’m promoting?
    Does the product or service that I’m promoting lend itself well to being represented in an Augmented Reality experience? Eg. Allowing people to interact with floor plans for a property that is still in development makes a lot of sense, as does delivering informational content (explainers) on products or services that may be of interest to the audience but not as easily accessible.
  1. What content do I currently have available or do I need to have it developed?
    Understanding what content or assets you currently have on hand will help ascertain the viability of using Augmented Reality in your campaign. Do you have video content that can already be used? Does your product development team have 3D product renders that could be exported for use (more often than not, they do)? Note, the cost of having video, and in particular 3D, content developed these days can be a lot less than you think .
  1. What are the calls to action?
    What messaging or incentive can be applied to the campaign to drive audience action? Is it an offer, fear of missing out or exclusivity? How do you best represent this message at all touch points through the audience journey; from the print to the experience and from the experience to the goal. Without clear and compelling calls to action your AR campaign stands little chance of succeeding.
  1. What other marketing channels am I using?
    Am I, or should I be, promoting my product or service across other marketing channels and if so how do I integrate this in with my Augmented Reality campaign. Your target audience will engage better with your overall campaign if they have a choice of which platform they would prefer to engage on. For example, a consumer that spends a lot of time on social media and sees this as a trustworthy platform may wish to engage with your offers from social media ads that could be triggered from the Augmented Reality experience. Augmented Reality platforms like UnifiedAR make it very easy to integrate digital platforms to traditional print and direct mail campaigns.

After planning your overall Augmented Reality campaign, it is best to consider the value this experience brings on top of your existing marketing strategy. What is the added value? You should consider the metrics that matter most to your internal stakeholders and clients to ensure campaign efforts are tracking to these objectives. Once your strategy aligns to your performance, you are all set to get going on your way to Success with your AR Marketing Campaign.

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