How is AR used in Education?

Augmented Reality is used to bring the classroom to life with the use of familiar technology. Where it can be hard to engage young minds in a traditional manner in the wake of smart technology and social media platforms, AR may provide a solution to that.

Picture yourself being a student, bored and wanting to go home to do ANY other activity than what’s being taught. The textbook is being read and you’re barely listening to that lesson on Biology. Suddenly you see an AR code and decide to look at it. It’s a 3D interactive model of the human body. This model allows you to poke around the human body in all its forms: skeletal, muscle etc. You learn about each part of the body on a more interactive and detailed scale. This is just one example of AR used in Education and how it brings the lesson to life in an engaging and immersive manner.

Another way of AR used in Education is to create welcome pages and tours through the codes. Parents who are trying to decide which school their child should go to would use these codes to tour the schools more detailed and easier than ever before! Schools will also be able to create amazing marketing campaigns that engage parents in the school choice process and even registration processes with the use of Augmented Reality.

This type of Augmented Reality marketing also allows schools to make the parents and students feel included. With the use of AR, schools can create personal messages for each the students and parents at the click of a button.

Imagine also an AR enabled “walk of fame” with pictures of notable alumni placed around a campus that come to life through AR to provide a testimonial on the school and how it helped them to become the person they are today.

Overall, Augmented Reality is the perfect solution for education both in the classrooms and outside of them for real world learning experiences. Innovation is quite often a key factor that parents of students look for when considering schools and what better way to promote an environment of innovation than by including leading edge AR used in Education marketing programs.

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