How do I choose the right augmented reality marketing strategy for my enterprise?

While Augmented Reality technology is relatively new in the marketing world, it is showing signs of becoming a must-have tool for your Enterprise marketing strategies. It is proving to be especially effective when deployed with AR-Enabled or Interactive Print. That’s why choosing the right AR solution to integrate into omnichannel marketing is a crucial decision for your business. Consider all the ways you market your company with print – mailings, brochures, catalogs, posters, signage – and then imagine layering augmented reality content and linking print to digital channels with WebAR QR codes to extend the communication with your audience.

For your augmented reality marketing solutions to fit your brand, you need a strategy that answers the following questions:

  1. What are the augmented reality use cases for you to consider for your brand?
    Enterprises are discovering all sorts of new, creative, and memorable ways to engage customers through interactive print enabled by augmented reality. Realtors are using AR print marketing solutions on brochures and pamphlets to take prospects on 3D or 360-degree property tours when their smartphones hover over an interactive print photo or call to action. Businesses in the tourism industry provide virtual visits to locations using direct mail postcards, towns and cities promote events on AR-enabled posters, product labels become ways to introduce and educate shoppers. It’s an exciting time to explore ways to integrate AR into your marketing plans.

  2. What kind of content do I want for my augmented reality experiences?
    You will need to design your augmented reality experiences according to what provides real value to your customers. To maximize their effects, especially when integrating augmented reality delivered by interactive print into your omnichannel marketing plans, always place your client at the center of the experience. Is it a 3D unit model for an “off the plan” property brochure, or a video explainer of a new finance product; knowing what your customer will benefit from will help you to decide the experience to deliver. Get the answers to questions like these and you’ll have a much clearer idea of the content you should be creating and sharing with your audience.

  3. Will your brand work better with an augmented reality app or WebAR solution?
    There are differences between an augmented reality app and WebAR, primarily around accessibility and ease of use. An augmented reality app requires the audience to download the application before the experience can get underway. WebAR doesn’t require an app to be downloaded and upon scanning a QR code the audience is instantaneously engaged directly through a web browser.If your goal is to let your audience have quick, effortless access to your content with just a simple URL link, scan of a QR code, or tap on an NFC tag, then WebAR is the choice for you. If, on the other hand, you have a highly engaged, and connected audience, then an augmented reality app might be the answer for you.Chances are that with the way the industry is trending, and studies indicating that there’s a 50% drop off in engagement with users when downloading an app is required, WebAR will soon dominate the interactive print enabled augmented reality market. That will make your choice simpler.

  4. Is deploying an augmented reality marketing strategy easy?
    When using an augmented reality platform such as UnifiedAR setting up an AR or Interactive Print campaign could be as simple as:
    • Logging into your online AR platform
    • Uploading 3D or video assets
    • Setting a call to action
    • And save

Then watch your campaign perform through the integrated platform analytics.

It can be that simple!

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