How Can I Use AR To Market My Business?

As Augmented Reality is becoming a popular way to engage consumers, the potential for marketing applications seems infinite. For print and direct mail marketing, incorporating AR can provide a more dynamic way to market your business.

Here are 5 great examples of AR in action:

  1. Product Launch.  If you are launching a new apparel line, or cosmetic products, allowing your customers to virtually try on your clothing and sample your makeup, through an AR feature will engage your customers with more than just images of new products. Kohl’s Virtual Closet uses Snapchat to enable visitors to browse stores, try on apparel, and ultimately purchase items.
  2. Event Promotion.  If you’re promoting an event, such as a festival or a concert, including a 3D animation of the headlining band playing a hit song in a print and/or posters, or by hosting a short video tour of last year’s highlights can draw visitors into the event space. You might include a map or a link to discount tickets, parking discounts, and other insider bargains.
  3. Travel Planning.  If you want to promote a destination or a specific tour package, you might include a 360-degree tour of your location, walk visitors through a resort, or give tourists additional information about points of interest, when visitors hold their smartphone cameras up to a landmark on the tour. Delhi-based AR platform, Augtraveler uses technology and multimedia resources to create a more interactive experience for visitors interacting with UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.
  4. Manuals and Brochures.  Take the drudgery out of manuals and guide books, by adding AR experiences to them that make dry and technical jargon more interesting and keep your customers from digging through pages of a manual to find out how to use various features of their new car, such as pairing their smartphones to their sound systems. Adding an AR experience that highlights the Bluetooth features can make this process fun and less arduous.
  5. Increase Outreach.  When you‘re looking for more reach for your brand, AR experiences can help consumers connect to your brand, even if you do something like the ride-sharing platform, Uber did in 2017, when they installed a “magic mirror TV screen” in a Zurich train station. Passersby were treated to novel adventures in far-flung places, such as San Francisco and the Australian outback.

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