How can UnifiedAR work with AR developers?

Focusing on the AR software development kit (SDK), developers can use parts of the application protocol interface (API) and also work directly with UnifiedAR and partners to integrate AR technology into pre-existing applications. Working with our AR integration tools or SDK, mobile app developers can easily integrate UnifiedAR’s augmented reality and interactive print scanner into your existing native mobile apps. After integrating, your clients will be able to connect to innovative AR and interactive print experiences just by clicking on a button or link in your existing mobile app. Immersive, AR interactive content can be created using:

  • 3D models
  • 3D animations
  • Video and audio content

UnifiedAR’s campaign management platform also allows developers to easily create and manage AR and interactive print content, with no technical experience required. Built-in live reporting features track campaign performance, tracking significant engagement metrics, such as,

  • Number of views
  • Click-throughs
  • Length of engagement
  • Conversions

UnifiedAR supports, maintains, and updates your licensed AR scanner’s functionality, reducing the need for dedicated AR app developers and leveraging UnifiedAR’s self-service platform to bring AR solutions in-house to internal marketing teams.

Getting set up with UnifiedAR’s SDK involves following a few basic steps, starting with registering for an Augmented Reality SDK (Integration Tool) license, followed by:

  1. Providing app developers with the SDK Documentation and SDK Key
  2. App developers integrating our AR scanner into your existing native mobile app
  3. After integration, clients can access your AR content from your existing app
  4. While you manage your app, UnifiedAR maintains your AR scanner.

AR SDK license holders can access the UnifiedAR platform to create and manage their interactive print marketing campaigns

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