Making Augmented Reality Easy

Improve customer experience and engagement using highly interactive and engaging Augmented Reality marketing.

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Improve customer experience and engagement with augmented reality

UnifiedAR is a universal DIY augmented reality platform that provides businesses of all shape and size the ability to engage clients with highly interactive, personalised and enriched augmented reality experiences.


Immerse users in your brand with augmented reality. Engage your audience by delivering video content or 3D models that are interactive and memorable.


Streamline the path to conversion with print media that connects directly to online channels. Send users to the point of sale, enquiry forms, landing pages and more through the call to action functionality.


Print media that's not only memorable but now also measurable. Find out where, when and what action consumers have taken.

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augmented reality development

What can be done

Using UnifiedAR businesses can bring all types of printed media to life. The following is a small example of how the platform is currently being used.

Business Cards

Flyers and brochures

Magazines and publications

Showroom and window display cards

Instruction stickers and cards

Packaging and signage

How is it done

UnifiedAR is a DIY augmented reality marketing platform built specifically for ease of use. It doesn't matter what your level of technical experience is, anybody can set up an augmented reality campaign in no time using UnifiedAR.

Simply log into your account

Upload your marker and experience

Set your call to action and deploy

Start tracking consumer engagement

UAR Backend
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UnifiedAR features

Improve customer experience with highly engaging and interactive print.

One app, endless experiences

View AR experiences from many businesses using a single app.

DIY platform for augmented reality marketing

Easily create engaging and interactive augmented reality campaigns.

Call to action

Set up calls to action to link your print to online channels.

Campaign metrics at your finger tips

Optimise marketing spend by tracking users interaction with your print.

Standard Developer Kit (SDK)

Integrate UnifiedAR with your own app (Contact us for more info)

Partner with UnifiedAR

Expand your service offering and increase value for your customers by making UnifiedAR a part of your business.


As a Reseller of UnifiedAR you own your client relationships completely. From the solutions you deliver through to the level of service you provide, it's all up to you. You even get to set your own pricing.

Referral Partner

Don't have time to look after your own UnifiedAR customers; that's ok. As a Referral Partner you simply refer them to us and we do the rest. For every successful referral you'll receive a finder's fee!

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Custom Solutions

UnifiedAR can develop and deliver custom solutions tailed specifically to your requirements. The following are some of the solution we can deliver.

Custom augmented reality app development

Virtual reality and mixed reality solutions

3D modelling and rendering

2D to 3D conversions

3D animation

UnifiedAR in action

Watch UnifiedAR in action to see for yourself how we are changing the way the we see print!

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Download the app

Download the free UnifiedAR app from Apple app store or Google Play store now and see it in action.

Download and open the UnifiedAR app. While the app is in scanning mode, click on an image on the right and use your mobile to view the example.


Whether you’re just starting out or well established, UnifiedAR makes it possible for businesses of any size to create highly engaging augmented reality campaigns.

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