Show All Your Properties
Without Being Physically There.



With your own branded Augmented Reality App, you can now capture potential buyers
by transforming every single real estate signage into an interactive Augmented Reality tour!


Serious buyers do their homework by evaluating a neighbourhood in-person.
Nothing beats driving up to the property itself and envisioning the kind of life they could enjoy there.


But what happens if a potential buyer has discovered your property outside of inspection times?


Typical inspection windows only last between 15 to 30 minutes.
And with other property inspections clashing with your own listings,
you know you will not be seeing every single prospective buyer there is.


With your own Augmented Reality App, you’ll be able to show every single property to potential buyers
right from the signage you’ve placed outside the property. You can now go beyond the limited
30-minute inspection windows and reach buyers anytime.


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What you will receive:

Apps for Android and iOS devices

Your company branding

Powered by UnifiedAR platform

On going support and app updates


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