Benefits of augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the perfect compliment to any real estate marketing campaign. Not only do most of the assets required to set up a campaign already exist, but they also add so much more value to each other element and the end consumer as well. Some of the key benefits when using augmented reality in property marketing include:

A much more engaging, interactive and informative experience for potential buyers

Potential buyers can be easily guided through to web pages or enquiry forms from printed material

Potential buyers can access valuable content when and where they want

Agents can track the performance of print ads and collateral

It’s an extremely cost effective addition to the marketing budget

Uses of augmented reality

The uses for augmented reality in property marketing are virtually limitless, whether it be delivering highly engaging and informative property video from publications and adverts, interactive 3D property walk throughs or even internal or external 3D models of properties that are yet to be developed, there is pretty much a use for augmented reality in any property campaign. Some of the uses of augmented reality in property marketing include:

Delivering informative and engaging property videos from any printed collateral such as publications, advertising, brochures and signage

Delivering market and industry news and/or agency updates and overviews from business cards, coasters, mail outs or fridge magnets

Delivering 3D models or fly throughs of properties that are yet to be built

Start tracking consumer engagement

Where can AR be used

Augmented reality can be used in any marketing media that is print related, and where the same imagery is used across multiple printed assets, such as brochures, ads and signage, the consumer can then access the same valuable interactive content from each location. Some of the material that augmented reality property marketing can be delivered from:

Any print publication or advertising

Property brochures and booklets

Take away open home brochures

Banners and window or street signage

Business cards, coasters and fridge magnets

How to get started

Adding augmented reality into your real estate advertising couldn't be easier. Aside from the fact that the platform is extremely easy to use, UnifiedAR now has a growing number of service partners in the print and publication industries that all able to help you get started and/or even assist with the ongoing management of your augmented reality property advertising. If you would like more information on how to get started or would like to be put in touch with a service partner in your area please contact us using the webform at the bottom of this page. Assets you will need to get started include:

Property image (this is the image that will be scanned by the prospective buyer)

Video of the property or agent talking about the property

A URL where you would like to direct potential buyers such as the property page on the website or an enquiry form

Printed material or publication where potential buyers can access the property experience

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