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With UnifiedAR there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on developing your own augmented reality apps and backend, we’ve done that for you. With pricing starting as low as $9 per month, now everyone can afford to include augmented reality in their marketing or communications strategy.



Per campaign per month*
Excludes tax

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  • DIY AR campaign management platform
  • Manage Optin and Call to Action
  • Access to reporting
  • Up to 250 scans/views per month (additional views $0.05 each)
  • Contact us for high volume pricing packages

What Can You Do with UnifiedAR?

Video on print

Print to Video

Bring print collateral to life with interactive video. Direct consumers straight to your website, online store or CRM using integrated Calls to Action.

3D on print

Print to 3D

Convert printed 2D floor plans to 3D models that consumers can view, interact with and walk through to access more information and details.

AR Packaging

AR Packaging

Deliver interactive video via packaging such as wine bottles, beverage cans and food packaging etc. to increase product and brand engagement.

AR business cards

AR Business Cards

Tell your business story via an AR business card. Deliver powerful messaging through video or 3D on your card whilst leaving a lasting impression.

Fridge magnet

Interactive Fridge Magnets

Deliver dynamic and changing special offers, tips and other useful information from fridge magnets, posters and calendars etc.

Showcase Ideas

3D Models

Architects, property developers and product designers can showcase designs to customers by placing 3D versions of them in the real world.

Newspaper Magazine Ads

Newspapers & Magazines

Deliver interactive and engaging content from newspaper and magazines such as product advertising, editorials and movie previews etc.

Harcourts Signage

AR Signage

Provide access to property walkthough videos via real estate street signage to potential buyers walking pass properties, 24/7.

Track and Engage

Call to action

Connect Print with Digital

Finally integrate print seamlessly with your digital marketing. Connect your print collateral with your digital by linking it to your website, online store or CRM whilst measuring ROI.

Track Engage iPad

Track Engagement

Powerful analytics will show how and where your audience is engaging with your print marketing. Use this data to re-engage via other digital channels such as social media and paid search.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Re-engage with targeted push notifications. Send push notifications to consumers based on how they have interacted with your augmented reality campaigns.

AR Consultation

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White Label Solutions

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