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Print + AR … It Makes So Much Sense

In an industry where revenue is expected to decline over the coming years (IBIS World), it will be essential for printers to find a way to generate additional value from either existing or new services.

UnifiedAR’s simple to use augmented reality (AR) marketing platform provides printers with the ability to reverse this trend by easily delivering integrated print to AR solutions.

Printers that are providing the additional service as a value add for their customers are now benefiting from greater demand for their print services as well as increases in revenue. AR is the digital solution that can turn trends around for the print industry. The future for print has never looked better.

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Augmented Reality – The Key Stats

Augmented reality is one of the fastest growing marketing and communications mediums seen in recent times. Some key statistics worth noting about augmented reality include:

– The market is expected to grow from 3.5 billion in 2018 to more than 198 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. (Statista)

– By 2022, the number of mobile augmented reality monthly users could reach 2 billion. (Tractika)

– Augmented Reality is expected to have 1 billion users by 2020. (Markets & Markets)

Augmented reality is the perfect value add to print and it’s demand is growing rapidly.

Click here to see some examples of AR and Print working seamlessly together.

Print to AR – Solutions

UnifiedAR provides you with access to a purpose built print to AR marketing platform and a team of AR experts whose focus is on ensuring the success of augmented reality in your business. The following are some examples of print that can be easily integrated with AR.

– Business cards, brochures and flyers

– Booklets and magazines

– Prospectuses and Information Memorandums

– Signage and banners

– Product packaging and labels

Print to AR – Value Added Services

Providing augmented reality as an extension to print solutions opens up opportunities for additional value added services such as:

– Campaign strategy and implementation

– Ongoing campaign management

– Campaign optimisation and reporting

– Video production and editing

– 3D model and animation production

UnifiedAR – Partnering for Success

UnifiedAR is committed to the success of its partners. Printers and publishers that partner with UnifiedAR not only get access to an industry specific augmented reality solutions but also the following:

– Your own branded AR apps and customer management platform

– Wholesale pricing (you set your own costs)

– Dedicated Account Manager

– Training and education

Learn more about our Reseller Solutions.

See UnifiedAR in Action

See how you can create a video augmented reality campaign in under 60 seconds, set up a call to action and see detailed reports. No coding or special printing required.

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