Who we are

UnifiedAR is a cost effective DIY augmented reality marketing platform. From as little as $9/month, UnifiedAR can help you engage better with customers and prospects by allowing you to bring any of the following print material to life.

Business Cards

Flyers and brochures

Magazines and publications

Showroom and window display cards

Instruction stickers and cards

Packaging and signage

What we do

UnifiedAR enables businesses and service providers of any shape and size the ability to interact and engage with consumers using augmented reality marketing. It doesn’t matter what your technical experience is, anyone can log in to UnifiedAR and set up an augmented reality campaign in a matter of minutes.

Simply log into your account

Upload your marker and experience

Set your call to action and deploy

Start tracking consumer engagement

Why we do it

At UnifiedAR we believe that all businesses should have access to the power of augmented reality marketing without having to pay ridiculous amounts on the development of a platform and mobile apps. We also believe consumers shouldn’t have to have a phone full of augmented reality apps. One is enough.

One app, endless experiences

A growing global network of UnifiedAR app users engaging with augmented reality experiences.

Pre-built DIY augmented reality marketing platform

The UnifiedAR platform has been built so you don't have to. Simple to use and cost effective, it's perfect for any business or service provider.

Mobile apps, developed and ready to go

The UnifiedAR mobile apps are available for Android and iOS devices. We look after the continual development and management of the functionality so you can focus on your marketing.

Who we do it for

UnifiedAR has been built from the ground up as a DIY augmented reality platform for both businesses and service providers


It doesn't matter what your level of technical competence is; if you have print and a video or 3D model you can set up your own augmented reality campaign in as little as 2 minutes. It's that easy.

Resellers and Referral Partners

UnifiedAR has been equally built for service providers that could benefit from providing augmented reality marketing solutions as a value add to clients. Printers, publishers, agencies or other, it doesn't matter we'll have a solution for you. We even have a Referral Partner program for service providers that would prefer to send their customers directly to the UnifiedAR platform.

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