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Augmented Reality Print

Augmented Reality Print or Interactive Print is a rapidly growing marketing medium for a very good reason.  Not only does AR allow print to evolve and stake its own claim in a competitive digital world but it also brings print to life, giving it a whole new level of value. Interactive Print provides a seamless interactive journey for customers that is far more engaging than either print or digital alone; and it’s measurable.

“Ryan Kiley, director, Strategic Production Services, Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh USA, cites that during an innovation promotion USPS drove more than 13.5 billion direct mail pieces that took advantage of AR promotions.

When AR was incorporated, response rates jumped from 2-3% to 35%,” Kiley says. “You are asking a customer to interact more immersively with the brand.” 

Source: Toni McQuilken for Printing Impressions

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