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1. Simple to use

Develop AR and Interactive Print solutions for your clients or your business in just 60 seconds. Simply upload content to get started.

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2. No apps required

Provide your customers with web-based Augmented Reality and immersive Interactive Print experiences, no apps required. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s effective. Solutions for all situations.

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3. Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the competition and remain relevant in a world that is demanding a more omnichannel presence to their print and mail marketing. UnifiedAR’s white label Partner Program makes it super easy to get started.

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4. Increase the value of your services

Expand your product and service suite by offering customers highly profitable digitally enhanced print and direct mail. Help swing marketing budgets back in your favor with innovative print solutions seamlessly integrated with digital.

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For Printers

Augmented Reality for Printers. Add more value to your print and stand out from the crowd using engaging Interactive Print and Augmented Reality solutions. Simply upload artwork and corresponding video or 3D animation and save. Send to print and start reporting on campaign activity. You can even do it all under your own brand. No special print requirements necessary. Print has evolved!

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Agencies & Marketers

Augmented Reality for Agencies. Offer customers innovative augmented reality solutions under your own brand. It’s never been easier to start a seamless predefined omnichannel customer journey from direct mail, or any print material, and report on print engagement metrics. You can even integrate Google tracking and link calls to action to any online space, including online stores, webforms and social media platforms.

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AR for Property icon
For Property

Easily create immersive property-viewing experiences for your potential buyers with our cutting-edge Augmented Reality solutions. Real estate agencies and property developers can literally bring properties into their customer’s homes using interactive AR video and 3D and seamlessly capture enquiry information via integrated sales forms. You can even link calls to action to property web pages, webforms or Matterport 3D tours.

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AR for Education icon
For Education

Position yourself as innovative leaders in the education space with state-of-the-art Augmented Reality and Interactive Print solutions in your marketing and communications. Deliver innovative content from AR-enabled enrollment programs such as “Welcome” information to interactive campus tours. Simplify complex topics by adding engaging and informative video to textbooks and print material.

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AR for Business icon
For Business

Stand out from the crowd using engaging and interactive Augmented Reality and Interactive Print solutions. UnifiedAR enables you to connect with customers easily using engaging AR content. Within minutes, you can even provide customers with access to interactive video content, product models, online stores and social media pages directly from print or even your own app. It’s that easy.

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Product Manufacturers

Provide your customers with the ability to learn more about your products in a seamless and engaging manner using Augmented Reality and Interactive Print. Deliver informative product video from brochures, magazines or even packaging or allow customers to view 3D models of your products in their own home. You can even direct them from the AR to your website, contact form or sales email or phone number.

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"Innov8AR is a digital solutions startup with offices in Tampa, FL & Nashville, TN. Partnering with UnifiedAR in Brisbane, Australia was a game-changer for us. We appreciate their exceptional industry knowledge, nonstop support and incredible patience!"

Andrew - Innov8AR (White Label Partner)

As a company who helps our clients have conversations with their target audience, we were seeking a new technology to enhance our clients digital conversations. Through augmented reality, not only did this allow our clients to have engaging digital conversations with their audience, but it also allowed us to bring their print media to life.

The team at Unified AR are exceptional. Their knowledge, flexibility and support makes partnering with them so easy. Our partnership has opened up new opportunities which has seen us work on some exciting projects together. We really see them as an extension of the Conversify family.

Sarah - Conversify (White Label Partner)

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Are you a printer or mailer and want to stand out and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment? Then UnifiedAR’s white label Partner Program is the solution you need.

Imagine having access to innovative print technology that not only Wows your audience, but acts as a powerful conversation and door opener for new clients and projects.

With white label technology, wholesale pricing, and all the training and support you could ever need, UnifiedAR makes it super simple to evolve your print and direct mail solutions. Get started today!

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