Best of Both Worlds: Augmented Reality and Direct Mail


A 2018 review by USPS showed that direct mail campaigns enhanced by AR delivered an increase in response rates from 2-3% to 35%. Companies are discovering the power of launching engaging and highly responsive augmented reality (AR) and WebAR experiences for customers with targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns.

Businesses must continually find new ways to increase brand awareness and engage customers in fresh and memorable ways. UnifiedAR makes it easy for companies to create engaging AR and interactive print campaigns in as little as 60 seconds to connect with shoppers like never before. Using smartphone technology and customer data optimized with QR codes and Personal URLs (PURLs) printed on direct mail pieces, AR transforms the user experience. Businesses can connect with shoppers through digital content like animation, video, and 3D models to provide enriched and interactive shopping experiences and enhance brand retention. A survey by NielsenIQ revealed that 56% of shoppers feel that AR gives them more confidence about the quality of a product. Additionally, 61% said they prefer to shop with retailers that offer AR experiences.


For many years, printed direct mail has been a proven winner for businesses, and in particular small, local businesses, for developing loyal and responsive customers. One of its advantages is the ability to personalize every piece of direct mail with customer data using a method of printing called variable data printing. According to Small Business Trends, 70% of consumers surveyed reported that direct mail is more personal than online interactions and that 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail campaigns within the past three months of the survey also made a purchase.

AR is taking direct mail to a new level. It allows businesses to establish consistent messaging that begins on a printed page and moves a customer through a highly engaging and interactive journey. Memorable WebAR experiences seamlessly direct customers to e-commerce sites, web pages, and landing pages. USPS also found that consumers were 135% more likely to purchase a product they viewed through AR than a product they saw in a traditional advertisement.


Consumers are increasingly expecting a business to deliver engaging AR experiences to help make their shopping decisions easier. They are no longer satisfied to make a purchasing decision based on an image in 2D format. They want the ability to “try things on” or see how a sofa or table will look in their home. The benefits for a business that embraces omnichannel marketing that integrates direct mail with AR include increased conversions and sales, more cross-selling opportunities, reduced product returns, and deeper connections with customers.

AR is no longer the domain of big companies like IKEA or Nike. The playing field for deploying engaging and captivating AR experiences has widened, and businesses of all sizes can seize on the advantages that AR offers. When integrated with direct mail, companies can share interactive AR content that brings marketing to life and bridges the digital gap to share experiences a customer will not forget. UnifiedAR has made the optimization of augmented reality and printed pieces more efficient for delivery into a customer’s home and allows for easy adoption.

About UnifiedAR

UnifiedAR is a low-cost augmented reality (AR) marketing platform that supports both App AR & WebAR (no apps required).

Built for ease of use, the UnifiedAR solution allows users to simply upload artwork, corresponding video, or 3D and set measurable calls to action on each campaign. Campaigns can be set up and deployed in around 90 seconds irrespective of technical experience and backend campaign activity reporting is real-time.

UnifiedAR also caters to AR solutions providers via a purpose-built Partner Program that includes rebranded technology, a client management platform, and wholesale pricing for customer usage.

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