What to look for in an Augmented Reality and Interactive Print Partner Program

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Print is not dead. Far from it. In fact, thanks to interactive print enabled through augmented reality, print is now a vital and necessary component to every business’s omnichannel marketing strategy.

As a result, companies want the ability to deliver augmented reality and interactive print for their customers. A recent DemandGen Report indicated that 75% of marketing participants said they anticipated that their company or organization would increase their utilization of interactive content marketing.

To do so, they have two options:

  1. Employ developers and spend huge sums of money to custom develop AR experiences and a platform to manage interactive print campaigns OR
  2. find a print company that has already done all of the hard work and can help them maximize every print marketing dollar spend through interactive print?

Which do you think makes the most sense? Any savvy business person will tell you that the latter is the most efficient, scalable and viable route to market.

Print companies that can answer the call will provide added value to their customers that sets them apart from their competition. To do so, their best option is to find an augmented reality and interactive partner that has an easy to use, innovative, and affordable interactive print and augmented reality platform.

What then should printers and marketers look for in an Augmented Reality Partner Program?

  • Reliable, easy to use, leading edge technology – next gen WebAR, no apps required. Technology that provides an off the shelf solution and doesn’t require developers to use, modify or customize the technology
  • A technology provider that shows a clear commitment in AR for print and direct mail, and is dedicated to finding the best ways to optimize the potential interactive print and its support of holistic omnichannel marketing.
  • A technology provider that has a clear roadmap on where the AR technology is heading and that there is planned evolution in the technology
  • A technology provider that is well respected in the market as a leader in the space – a provider that actively shares their expertise with the market
  • White labeling – a provider that allows businesses to rebrand aspects of the technology for both themselves and their customers – meaning consumers are connecting with the business’s brand and not the AR provider
  • Wholesale pricing that allows printers and marketers to provide their customers with solutions at a reasonable rate while still making a decent margin for themselves

Most importantly, print companies should insist that any augmented reality partner program provide unparalleled support and guidance throughout the relationship. If your print company is ready to add value to your print services through an augmented reality partner program, here are a few questions you should consider:

  • Is the Partner Program easy to implement and does it require expertise to set up?
  • Does the provider offer training, ongoing account/success management, sales support?
  • Does the provider offer marketing resources to help printers and marketers launch AR solutions?
  • Is the Partner Program scalable and priced so that companies with limited budgets can get started?
  • Does the provider offer optional AR asset production if required?
  • Is the provider willing to work with its Partners to help drive their business?

The most important element in an augmented reality partner program is trust. Knowing that an augmented reality partner is a partner in the truest sense of the word – working alongside you with excellent customer support, industry leadership, and a desire to see your print company prosper – can separate you from the competition.

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