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Augmented reality packaging - wine label

Augmented reality packaging – At a time when most companies are either dropping massive budgets for digital marketing or just getting their heads around what digital is, others are already onto the next big thing: Augmented Reality.

Ten years ago, the words “Augmented Reality” and “product packaging” would not have been seen forming one sentence. But with the advancement of technology, marketers have now discovered enormous untapped potential for Augmented Reality packaging.

As users stay inseparably connected to their mobile, AR’s capability to turn what used to be plain packaging into an always-on, active media channel is more crucial than ever. Imagine a tea box or a wine bottle that can speak to you and show videos?

Any brand can now bring traditional product packaging to life and reach consumers through their own owned media.

Here Are Five Reasons You Need Augmented Reality Packaging Now:

1. Drive Sales With Connected Packaging

Unlike other tech that might require extensive setup, integrating AR into your existing packaging is not disruptive. With a simple AR marker created, you can link the consumer straight to your online store or website. Capture the user’s attention with a fun showcase tailored to the audience.

Think cartoons for kids or dynamic modern designs for teenagers. With an interactive video “popping out” of an otherwise ordinary packaging, it’s hard to not get noticed. Latest, Brisbane AR company has developed a 90-degree vertical video AR solution that can be applied onto digital and print surfaces.

2. Drive Repeat Sales With Post-Purchase Engagement

Once you have placed an AR marker on your packaging, you can target the user at any point in time. Your augmented reality packaging now is like your exclusive TV screen where it becomes your own media channel to continuously engage with the consumer.

Imagine this: Every time the user pulls out the coffee jar or tea box, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them while they put the kettle on. Now here’s your chance to share a new promotion, offer a new variant or take them to your website to order your product before they run out.

3. AR is Now Affordable

If just a few years ago major companies were forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions for Augmented Reality, today AR has become more affordable than ever.

For example, with UnifiedAR, a small medium enterprise can get started with the platform from as little as $9 a month or have their own branded AR app developed for less than $350 a month.

Not only is AR completely within reach for SMEs, large businesses now no longer have to pay ridiculous prices for simple augmented reality packaging solutions.

4. Tell Your Story Your Way

When you’re selling a product where ingredients might not be the strongest point of difference, like wine, tea or coffee, what sets your brand apart is the story. With augmented reality packaging, your brand story is no longer confined to that small space at the back of the box or bottle. You can now tell your story in a more engaging way like a quality video that showcases the history and journey of the brand. But this all goes beyond romancing the audience.

Think about more ways AR can really help users understand and consume the product better: step-by-step preparation tips, nutritional information, allergy warnings and even safety advice for electronic products.

4. Inspire Purchases Through Product Visualisation

Get customers excited about your product by allowing them to experience it. For example, “seeing” themselves making virtual coffee would make the buyer more excited to purchase the machine than by looking at printed images. It’s also about giving the consumer the confidence that they will have no problems assembling and operating your product. You would essentially be changing the narrative from “too hard and complicated” to “yeah, I could do that”.

When it comes to products in the beauty and fashion category, AR can help inspire them to visualise how the product can fit with their lifestyle. Have a look at the video below. It shows a user trying on an AR Omega watch and this same technology can be applied to virtually any product.

5. AR is measurable

What is a marketing campaign without measured performance? By implementing augmented reality packaging into a marketing strategy, every touch point and interaction with that packaging is now 100% measurable. Using AR, marketing teams and account managers can now have access to meaningful insights into how customers interact and engage with their brand.

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