Benefits of AR enabled Print and Direct Mail

AR Enabled Print

Benefits of AR enabled Print and Direct Mail

Interactive Print or AR enabled print and direct mail is a real game changer when it comes to print enabled omnichannel marketing experiences. Overlaying seamlessly integrated digital Augmented Reality content onto print and direct mail provides audiences with a far more engaging, interactive, and memorable brand experience.

Customers accessing Interactive Print, powered by AR show:

  • a 94% higher conversion rate,
  • 70% higher product or brand recall,
  • 1.9 times more visual attention,
  • 2-3 times longer interaction, and
  • 3 times more purchase intent.

As consumers continue to embrace AR due to its engaging nature, it is important for businesses and marketers to ensure that they are incorporating this innovative technology into their digitally enhanced direct mail campaigns.

In this article we look at the benefits of including Interactive Print and Direct Mail in your omnichannel marketing strategies:

Increased Engagement

AR-enabled direct mail with immersive and interactive content increases engagement and by delivering unique and memorable content experiences that stand out.  This feature allows consumers to engage on a more immersive level.  For example, including a WebAR QR code on a direct mail piece can allow consumers to access exclusively engaging AR content that not only visually stands out and is memorable but also seamlessly directs them on an integrated digital journey to preset goals such as an eCommerce product page, inquiry form or ticket system etc.

A study conducted by USPS and Ricoh in 2018 on 13.5 billion mail pieces showed that pieces that incorporated AR saw response rates increase from the standard 2-3% to as high as 35%.

Increased Sales:

AR can help to increase sales by providing recipients with a closer look at your products or services. This can help to overcome any objections they may have and encourage them to make a purchase.

A recent study found that:

  • 61% of online shoppers preferred to shop with brands that use AR technology.
  • 63% said AR improves their shopping experiences.
  • 35% said AR encourages them to shop online more regularly.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Interactive print and direct mail campaigns have helped brands boost their engagement and sales. Showing products in a real-life setting, where customers can try out and try on products, provides an experience similar to being in the store which helps shoppers make better and more informed purchases. Likewise, AR-enabled direct mail can help engage a new audience and customer base.

Enhanced Personalization

Implementing augmented reality in print materials paves the way for a higher level of personalization. It enables brands to tailor content personally  to an individual and their behaviors, thereby enhancing their overall experience. Users can interact with content that resonates with their interests and needs, making them more likely to engage with the brand. This level of personalization not only fosters customer satisfaction, but also contributes to brand loyalty and long-term customer retention.

Improved Brand Awareness:

AR can help to improve brand awareness by creating a more memorable and immersive experience for recipients. This can help to position brands as innovative and forward-thinking while helping them to stand out as leaders in their vertical.

Consumer Convenience

With 83% of the world using smartphones, AR is accessible to the vast majority of consumers all over the world. This means that consumers can enjoy and interact with immersive brand experiences from the comfort of their homes, and at whatever time best suits their schedule.

Further to this, well-constructed AR enabled print or direct mail campaigns can significantly streamline the customer journey making it much easier for consumers to access and interact with valuable content while finding their way to the end goal.

Stand Out from the Competition

Well-thought-out and designed AR marketing strategies can breathe new life into your brand, giving you a more innovative, forward-thinking, and exciting stance than brands using only traditional marketing channels. Augmented Reality can help brands to stand out from the competition.

Better Targeting:

AR can be used to target your direct mail campaigns more effectively. This can be done by using geolocation to target recipients who are in a particular area or by using demographic data to target recipients who fit a certain profile.

Well planned AR enabled print and direct mail marketing can breathe new life into your brand, giving you a more innovative, forward-thinking, and exciting stance than brands using only traditional media. Augmented Reality does help brands to stand out from the competition.

Analytical Insights:

Interactive Print offers brands valuable insights into user behavior. Through detailed analytics, brands can get a better understanding of who is interacting with their content and how they’re engaging with it. This helps them refine their strategies and make more informed decisions about how to reach their target audiences.

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