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Healthcare is an industry that’s incredibly important to gain consumer trust in. It’s hard enough trying to explain complex issues to patients or other medical providers. AR in healthcare services not only have consumers been able to understand better how certain medicines and medical procedures work but have also been able to gain trust in the medical industry through the help of AR services.

According to direct mail is one of the most trusted advertising options for consumers. While social media and other advertising mediums do help obtain more consumers and help increase profits, they do not have the same trust factor as a direct mail piece. Consumers are more likely to trust something tangible they can hold in their hands than something just plastered on a website.  By utilizing Augmented Reality to bridge the digital divide through the use of print healthcare was able to create more trust through Augmented Reality campaigns.

Also, healthcare marketers can get to their target demographics easier with direct mail than with any other advertising medium. According to NextPage, four features help target the correct audience for their message:

  1. Demographics
  2. Geographic Location
  3. Behavior
  4. Psychographics

To put it simply they want to make sure when utilizing an AR campaign in health care that a senior advertisement doesn’t end up in the hands of an 18-year-old college student. This not only helps build more trust for the brand but also showcases they know who they are trying to get the attention of in the household that the direct mailer piece is sent to.

Not sure how to integrate AR in healthcare for your marketing campaign?  Here are some ways to start working with AR in 2023:

AR in Healthcare

  • Appointment reminder postcards. These reminders are a great way to get patients into the office for semi-annual and annual healthcare appointments. By incorporating AR, they can scan the postcard and be redirected to online scheduling.
  • Interactive webpages and models. This is especially helpful when trying to explain a new medication or showcase a medication to someone who made need it. By having interactive information there is more consumer engagement and information retention.
  • Video Information. Linking an information video to your direct mail piece can help new patients familiarize themselves with your facility as well as your services and check-in process. This attention to detail not only helps explain how everything works but also creates a sense of comfort and trust in your brand.

How you want your campaign to be showcased is entirely up to you and you should be aware there are many different options when showcasing AR in healthcare. Augmented AR is the way to go! Contact us today to set up a free demo!

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