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UnifiedAR saw an opportunity in the marketplace to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing with Augmented Reality Home in the real estate industry. It’s no secret that digital marketing has been growing at a fast pace the past few years. However, after Covid-19 the use of virtual and online tools have become much more prevalent.

According to a recent CMO Survey, the marketing industry is expected to increase budgets by 54 percent by 2024. While this is a huge chunk of budget for any company to spend on digital advertising and marketing; traditional advertising is still being utilized as well. As it appears, from studies, most people still trust printed reviews more than the ones they read online. Roughly 8 out of 10 internet users trust print more than online information. Since most Real Estate is sold based on one’s trust in the broker or real estate agent, it is important for professionals in the real estate business to build increased trust with their client bases by blending with traditional and digital marketing tools to convey this message.


UnifiedAR has worked with a number of leading real estate agencies in Australia to help them take their property marketing to the next level with Augmented Reality Home.

By utilizing print mediums like brochures, pamphlets, and flyers to give consumers access to a QR code, real estate and property clients can then have the ability to engage with an immersive experience at their convenience and comfort. These resources help existing property owners and the real estate industry market their properties more efficiently in terms of time and resources. Potential buyers of your property now have the ability to tour the property at any time without having to actually physically be present at the property.  Give your potential buyers an offer they cannot refuse with a custom brochure and QR code for their unique experience to scan on their device. No matter your target audience they will be able to access all facets of your marketing strategy with your next property sale.

Result – Augmented Reality Home

Augmented Reality Home creates an open space for the marketing of Real Estate and provides a comfortable environment to make life easier for potential home buyers and renters. AR makes it easier to project a home with the addition of furniture and personal touches to make the reality come to life. In addition, potential buyers also have the opportunity to review the architectural blueprint to have a better understanding of the flow of foot traffic in the space and plan interior design accordingly. AR offers more engagement between agents and property owners and their clients. The ultimate solution is a cutting-edge interactive AR experience that can capture your future buyer’s attention without constantly being subject to a request to fill in for more information. Agents and property owners can engage their future clients earlier on in the buying process, understand what is important to them and close the sale faster and more efficiently. AR not only allows for a boost in sales and business, AR also provides the ability to collect more information to strategically plan the marketing for your future campaigns.

Augmented Reality Home is a technology that has revolutionized the way we live our lives in the modern world. It combines the best of both worlds—the physical and the digital—to create an immersive experience that allows us to interact with our environment in new, exciting ways.

Experience augmented reality in your home with Augmented Reality Home. Our AR platform lets you explore and design your dream space in real time, so you can make sure it’s perfect before you commit. If interested in how we can partner together, please contact UnifiedAR at UnifiedAR.com.

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