Loucas Zahos 3D Property Brochure

Loucas Zahos 3D Property Brochure

Client: Loucas Zahos Architects (via Worldwide Market Street)

Website: http://www.loucaszahos.com.au/

Project: 3D property brochure

Client Overview:

Loucas Zahos Architects is an award-winning Australian architectural designer. Worldwide Market Street provides Loucas Zahos Architects with their print solutions.


Loucas Zahos Architects wanted a more engaging and immersive way to display their new SALT development in Ascot Brisbane to potential buyers.


UnifiedAR worked with Worldwide Market Street CBD (a White Label Partner of UnifiedAR) to launch an augmented reality property development brochure for the SALT development.

Prospective buyers of the properties units were given the AR enabled brochure and advised to download the UnifiedAR app so that they can view a miniature 3D model of the completed development, in place on Racecourse Road, from the printed brochure.

Buyers who were interested in knowing more about the development were then directed seamlessly to an enquiry web form straight from the 3D model. Loucas Zahos Architects could also monitor from the reporting model where and how often their brochures were being scanned to access the 3D content.

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