Jacob’s Ladder Boating: AR Omnichannel Direct Marketing

AR Omnichannel Direct Marketing


Jacob’s Ladder Boating, a globally innovative designer and manufacturer of an exclusive range of patented, high-quality stainless steel ‘bow access’ boating ladders, wanted to incorporate AR technology into their traditional direct mail campaigns.

They challenged UnifiedAR to build a AR Omnichannel Direct Marketing campaign that replicated a boat show experience for boat building companies, commercial boat owners, and sales and after-market sales managers.


UnifiedAR created a dynamic AR solution that connected targeted audiences to video content and 3-D animation through an app-less WebAR QR code printed on a full-color multiple page brochure. By integrating WebAR technology into a direct mail campaign, we linked Jacob’s Ladder multiple marketing channels together into a seamless, engaging, and measurable customer journey. The brochure was attractively designed to stand out and get past gatekeepers and into the hands of their customers throughout the international maritime industry.

UnifiedAR’s WebAR platform gave customers the interactive experience of seeing Jacob’s Ladder’s models in a ‘real world’ environment. After scanning the WebAR QR code with a smart phone, they could quickly access a YouTube video or view an AR image of a Jacob’s Ladder boating ladder on top of the bow of their own boat.


UnifiedAR’s AR Omnichannel Direct Marketing campaign included a call to action that directed customers to Jacob’s Ladder’s website to learn more about exclusive licensing agreements. They also received detailed data and tracking information to help them assess the campaign’s success and increase market penetration in future AR Omnichannel Direct Marketing campaigns.

Here’s what Jacob’s Ladder had to say:

The AR for our ladders looks fantastic. The app with the option to view the AR or our animated video is also great. UAR have been so supportive and extremely helpful throughout the entire process, even assisting us with finding the right mailing house in America to partner with.

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