Mater Foundation – AR Home Lottery Brochure

Mater Foundation AR Prize Home Brochure

Mater Foundation – AR Prize Home Brochure



The Mater Foundation, a renowned charitable organization, recognized the potential of UnifiedAR’s cutting-edge technology and reached out to explore the incorporation of Interactive Print into their Mater Prize Homes print promotionsand resulting an interactive AR Prize Home Brochure. Their primary goal was not only to enhance engagement but also to boost ticket sales by offering a truly immersive experience to their audience.



UnifiedAR, a leader in augmented reality solutions, meticulously designed a customized AR campaign to elevate the Mater Prize Homes experience. Through a single QR code, users engaging with the AR Prize Home Brochure were introduced to Boyd Duff, the Mater Ambassador, who guided them through an interactive journey. Users could explore the properties in 360-degree AR, watch captivating property videos, and visualize 3D floor plans, all conveniently from their mobile devices. Additionally, users were seamlessly directed to purchase tickets online through a compelling call to action.

The collaborative effort kicked off with an insightful meeting between the UnifiedAR team and Mater Foundation’s astute Marketing Manager. A close-knit collaboration ensued to craft user-friendly UI designs, assist in detailed 3D modeling, expertly edit green screen videos, and seamlessly set up the campaign within Mater Foundation’s UnifiedAR account. To further enhance their AR Prize Home Brochure success, UnifiedAR cooperated with Mater Prize Homes’ digital marketing team to deploy a Facebook pixel for precise digital retargeting to the relevant audience.



In a span of just 30 days, the AR Prize Home Brochure witnessed an impressive 1,213 QR code scans. Among these scans, a remarkable 77.90% engaged with the content, and an overwhelming 91.26% actively clicked on the prominent Call to Action. Mater Prize Homes observed that the scans originated from more than 360 unique locations across Australia, giving them valuable insights into regional engagement patterns.

Encouraged by this success, Mater Prize Homes has made a commitment to deliver similar AR Prize Home Brochures. They are actively collaborating with UnifiedAR’s team of Interactive Print experts to fine-tune QR code placement, design elements, and call-to-action strategies for optimal campaign performance. Moreover, Mater Foundation is exploring the possibility of launching these engaging experiences through QR codes in their television advertising campaigns, expanding the reach of their immersive content to broader audiences.

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UnifiedAR is a world-leading provider of cutting-edge Interactive Print and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. With our innovative technology, we revolutionize the way brands engage with their audience by seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. Our Interactive Print and AR solutions enable businesses to captivate customers and deliver memorable experiences that go beyond traditional marketing. AR Prize Home Brochures made easy.

Our platform empowers businesses to stand out from the competition by offering white-label Interactive Print and AR experiences. These experiences not only engage customers but also drive profitability, helping businesses boost revenue and customer engagement. Whether it’s transforming print materials or enhancing digital marketing campaigns, UnifiedAR provides printers with the tools to create interactive journeys that captivate and inspire.

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