Augmented Reality Member Engagement

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Augmented Reality Member Engagement Solutions

Solutions Provider: United Print Group (UPG: size ~6 staff)

Client: Rugby Football Club

Industry: Sports and Recreation

Project: Augmented Reality Member Engagement


Client profile:

The client is a prominent rugby football club that has around 100 staff and 15,000 members.


Following sports is in many ways a mainstay of many people’s lives however consideration to what makes the clubs behind the sports tick is quite often an unknown to many followers.  Sporting clubs rely heavily on game attendance and registered members, not primarily for revenue generation, but to attract and retain high level sponsors that are willing to pay big dollars to build brand recognition across these audiences.


During the earlier stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, sporting clubs, like many other community engagement type businesses were impacted greatly by the inability for members and fans to attend games, functions and venues. During this time, it became quite difficult for many of these clubs to engage with and keep engaged a “socially distanced” member base and as such membership numbers started to decline as did the revenue associated with their member activity.

In this case study we see how a small, yet innovative, print franchise business, also a white label Partner of UnifiedAR, turned their client’s dilemma into a powerful brand defining turning point.

The Results:

With card open response rates of 87%, and AR experience click through rates of 327% the success of engaging the member base is irrefutable, to such a degree that the interaction with the AR content even had a viral effect.

The real success of the campaign though is representative in the significant decrease in the average annual member attrition rate, driven down from 29% to 11% and the additional revenue generated from the “Birthday Gift” purchases from the clubs online store which accounted for a massive 22% increase overall.

Withstanding the production of the 4 x ten second green screen player videos and the birthday card design, it is amazing to know that the AR component, the component that has driven so much activity, literally took around 3 minutes to implement.

Whilst still an active campaign the results for the AR enabled Birthday Card continue to excite everyone involved. 

On a side note, UPG is now also in active discussions with a number of other sporting clubs interested in a similar Augmented Reality Member Engagement solution.

  Augmented Reality Member Engagement


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