BMW – M5 AR Launch Brochure

BMW – M5 AR Launch Brochure

Client: BMW (Brisbane & Westside)


Project: AR Launch Brochure

Client Overview:

Brisbane and Westside BMW are leading Australian BMW dealerships.


Brisbane and Westside BMW wanted to provide attendees to the official BMW M5 launch with an engaging and streamlined means of both receiving additional content on the vehicle and connecting with their sales team.


UnifiedAR worked with both Westside and Brisbane BMW to implement an automated augmented reality sales funnel for the launch of the 2018 BMW M5.

This was achieved by adding the official M5 launch video as marker based augmented reality into the M5 Launch brochure. The brochure, made available to attendees of the launch track day, was scanned using the UnifiedAR app which then delivered the official M5 launch video as AR content, followed by a call to action that directed consumers to a BMW branded webform where they could register for spec sheets to be automatically sent via email. Sales staff were automatically notified of all registrations and followed these with a personal phone call aimed at booking a test drive.

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