BrainSell Service – Partner Business Case

BrainSell Services

BrainSell Services – Partner Business Case



BrainSell Services, a leading provider of Domestic & International Print and Mail solutions in the United States, recognized the urgent need to differentiate themselves in a saturated market. The challenge was not just to stand out but to offer something unique and forward-thinking. BrainSell Services sought to transcend traditional print limitations by integrating digital interactivity, thus providing added value to its clients.



After many discussions and much investigation, BrainSell Services chose UnifiedAR as the technology provider for their new and innovative omnichannel Interactive Print solutions. The partnership strived to develop cutting-edge omnichannel solutions, guaranteeing a powerfully personalised seamless user experience across diverse platforms and devices, showcasing BrainSell Services’ unique position of leadership in this new and emerging market.

As a part of the agreed partnership arrangement, regular meetings are conducted to explore new prospects, scope projects and opportunities, and devise strategies for closing deals efficiently. This consistent interaction fostered a comprehension and unity of goals and objectives. UnifiedAR furthered assisted by engaging in client meetings alongside BrainSell Services.

The collaboration was distinguished by the creation of exceptionally innovative and distinctive interactive print solutions, a lot of which were first-to-market, and crafted to captivate the interest of potential clients, thereby unveiling avenues to substantial new business opportunities.



The partnership between BrainSell Service and UnifiedAR was not just successful, but it led to truly remarkable outcomes. BrainSell Services, with its commitment to innovation, made a distinctive mark in the print market by offering highly effective Interactive Print solutions that set new standards in the industry. This collaboration not only enabled BrainSell Services to bring fresh and unique solutions to its clientele but also allowed them to tap into previously unexplored business opportunities, resulting in substantial new revenue streams. Furthermore, the partnership strategically positioned BrainSell Services ahead of competitors who were also exploring similar technological advancements, giving them a competitive edge without the burden of in-house development costs. As a result, BrainSell Services not only solidified its position as an industry leader but also gained widespread recognition for its forward-thinking approach across diverse business sectors.

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About UnifiedAR:

UnifiedAR is a world-leading provider of cutting-edge Interactive Print and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. With our innovative technology, we revolutionize the way brands engage with their audience by seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms. Our Interactive Print and AR solutions enable businesses to captivate customers and deliver memorable experiences that go beyond traditional marketing. AR Prize Home Brochures made easy.

Our platform empowers businesses to stand out from the competition by offering white-label Interactive Print and AR experiences. These experiences not only engage customers but also drive profitability, helping businesses boost revenue and customer engagement. Whether it’s transforming print materials or enhancing digital marketing campaigns, UnifiedAR provides printers with the tools to create interactive journeys that captivate and inspire.

With offices strategically located in key business hubs across the United States and Australia, and supported by a vast global network of Authorized Solutions Partners, UnifiedAR stands as a dedicated provider of localized support on an international level. We extend a warm invitation to businesses and developers alike to delve into the innovative realm of Augmented Reality (AR) with UnifiedAR. Whether opting for our user-friendly self-service platform or seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge technology into your current applications, our team is fully equipped to assist you in unlocking a myriad of new opportunities and fostering genuine audience engagement. Embark on this exhilarating journey with us and discover the transformative power of AR technology in enhancing your brand presence and user experiences.

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