HDAA – AR Program Cards

HDAA – AR Program Cards

Client: HDAA Australia

Website: https://www.hdaau.com.au/

Project: AR Program Cards for Events

Client Overview:

HDAA is an Australian leading quality assurance certification and accreditation service provider to the Human Services industry.


HDAA was looking for innovative ways to share program information from industry events and shows.


UnifiedAR worked with HDAA to help implement augmented reality marketing solutions into traditional event print collateral so as to help differentiate the business on an innovative level. Attendees to trade events were able to pick up a HDAA Program Card and by using the UnifiedAR app scan the card to receive more information via an informative and engaging video informational delivered by a professional member of the HDAA team. Viewers of the augmented reality experience were then directed to an in-app landing page which would seamlessly redirect to additional information, or even enquiry form, based on their own individual requirements.

Using augmented reality in their Program Brochures, HDAA not only stood out as an innovator in the tech space but also delivered their key prospects with an engaging yet seamless and informative journey.

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