Nationwide Autocare – Direct Mail with Localized AR Content

Nationwide Autocare - Direct Mail with Localized AR Content

Nationwide Autocare – Direct Mail with Localized AR Content

Nationwide Autocare, a national car service business with a sprawling network of franchise service centers, faced a common yet significant challenge: re-engaging a diverse customer base across multiple locations. In the competitive landscape of automotive services, customer retention is as vital as acquiring new clientele. With a focus on enriching customer experiences, Nationwide Autocare embarked on a direct mail re-engagement program targeting previous customers and potential leads, designed to coincide with the onset of school holidays.


During the school holiday season, many families opt for automotive check-ups before setting out on road trips. This presented a prime opportunity for Nationwide Autocare to re-capture the interest of its audience and offer added value through a timely, relevant promotion.


Nationwide Autocare, leveraging UnifiedAR’s advanced Interactive Print technology, masterfully transformed its direct mail campaign into a highly personalized and engaging experience. By incorporating augmented reality (AR), they not only re-engaged their customer base but also set a new standard for localized and personalized marketing.

The core of Nationwide Autocare’s approach was to utilize the cutting-edge capabilities of UnifiedAR to deliver content that was not just interactive but deeply personalized. The campaign featured direct mail pieces that, when scanned with a smartphone, activated an AR experience uniquely tailored to each recipient. This included personalized greetings and offers, immediately creating a direct connection between the brand and its customers.

What set this campaign apart was its use of UnifiedAR’s proprietary Geospecific Content functionality within the AR experience. Customers were not just engaged with personalized content; instead, the AR also directed them seamlessly to their nearest Nationwide Autocare service center based on the location that they viewed content from. This localized call to action significantly streamlined the customer journey, making it easier for them to take advantage of the Free Safety Check offer by scheduling it at their closest location.


The effectiveness of Nationwide Autocare’s strategy was evident in the results. The personalized AR experience yielded a staggering 21% response rate and a 57% click-through rate, demonstrating the potent impact of combining digital innovation with a traditional medium like direct mail.

Nationwide Autocare’s campaign represents a pioneering example of how brands can leverage advanced technologies like UnifiedAR’s Interactive Print to deliver content that is not only engaging but also highly personalized and localized. This approach not only enhances the customer experience but also sets a new benchmark for integrating digital and print marketing strategies.


Nationwide Autocare’s convergence of direct mail and interactive AR technology points to a future where traditional and digital marketing intermingle to create unprecedented brand experiences. This case study illuminates the potential for innovation within even the most established marketing channels, underscoring the role of creativity, data, and technology in driving engagement and ROI. For modern marketers, the lesson is clear: the boundaries of what is possible with print and digital are limited only by our imaginations and the technologies we harness.

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