PMD Tea – AR Product Packaging

Client: PMD Tea


Project: AR enabled product packaging

Client Overview:

PMD Tea (P.M.David Silva & Sons) is a family owned tea company that provides high quality tea products, ethically sourced from Ceylon, to luxury hotels & online customers.


PMD Teas approached Digital Glare, a Reseller of UnifiedAR, for suggestions on how they could easily communicate with customers in an engaging and interactive fashion from their product packaging regarding the mission and values of their business.


Digital Glare worked with PMD Teas to implement interactive and engaging AR enabled positioning communications from a variety of their product packaging. Consumers of PMD Teas are now able to download the UnifiedAR app and receive additional exclusive content on how their tea was sustainably and ethically sourced and produced and then follow a call to action the the PMD Tea online store to purchase more of their favorite blends.