UnifiedAR Partner Showcase: AR Smart Marketing, Inc., and UnitedOne Credit Union



UnitedOne Credit Union was looking for a novel and innovative way to boost its direct mail effectiveness in a campaign introducing themselves to residents moving into neighborhoods along Wisconsin’s northern Lake Michigan shoreline communities.

Highly regarded as one of the oldest credit unions in Wisconsin, they wanted something fresh and unique that would enhance their traditional direct mail campaigns and give their new neighbors a more engaging personal brand experience. They turned to AR Smart Marketing Inc., for a plan that would make them stand out from the competition.


AR Smart Marketing, Inc with years of experience providing both offline and online marketing strategies for businesses, developed an omnichannel marketing approach for UnitedOne Credit Union that optimized the best of personalized direct mail and innovative AR technology.

Through UnifiedAR’s Partner Program, AR Smart Marketing, Inc. collaborated with Think Ink Marketing, Inc. the nation’s premier provider of real pen personalized direct mail. AR Smart Marketing seamlessly integrated UnifiedAR’s innovative AR technology and their own variable print software to create a geo-unique mailing piece that was both personalized, engaging and targeted a specific audience based on geographical new move-in data.

Every piece was personalized using AR Smart Marketing’s Addressed Mail Module to contain a greeting from the branch manager of the nearest local UnitedOne office. Each letter also included a uniquely created WebAR PQR code that took the recipient on a 360-degree tour of the local branch when scanned by their phone or smart device. Because WebAR does not require an app, the prospect’s experience was seamless and the WebAR splash page and integrated call to action allowed UnitedOne Credit Union to track and measure every interaction.

Result – UnitedOne

AR Smart Marketing’s omnichannel customer introduction campaign for UnitedOne, and the innovative coordination of targeted direct mail and personalized AR experiences delivered through UnifiedAR’s innovative technology, provided a truly unique and highly engaging event for the credit union’s prospects. As a result, UnitedOne was able to make an immediate impression with new residents through a memorable branding campaign that welcomed them to the neighborhood and acquainted them with their local branch office in an exciting and original way.

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