How can AR work for Agencies and Printers?

AR works with marketing agencies and printers in a myriad of ways to create interactive direct mail campaigns that bring printed ads to life. The perfect conduit between traditional print and digital media, AR leverages the tactile essence of print and the accessibility of digital to create seamless customer experiences.

Engaging visitors in immersive and innovative experiences is a game changer in the marketing world. AR offers increased visual accessibility and interactivity, boosting customer engagement times and positive buyer responses that are essential for marketing strategies to deliver results and maximize return on investments (ROI).

Adding augmented reality to your marketing services allows you to create interactive AR experiences in a variety of print media including:

  • Direct mail
  • Newspaper and magazine
  • Packaging
  • Large-format print collateral, such as signs and banners

AR possesses the potential to automate omnichannel marketing strategies at any touch point along the online shopping journey. The numbers show shoppers enjoy AR applications and are relying more on these tools to make purchase decisions. In a recent Neilsen IQ survey, 56% of shoppers said AR gives them more confidence about the quality of a product, and 61% said they prefer to shop with companies that offer AR experiences.

UnifiedAR’s self-service platform allows marketers and printers to work together to create immersive, innovative augmented reality experiences that are revolutionizing printed media. Contact UnifiedAR to learn more about how we can help you quickly get AR into your service offerings!

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