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Harcourts – AR Property Street Signage

Client: Harcourts Stafford

Website: https://connections.harcourts.com.au/

Project: AR enabled property street signage

Client Overview:

Harcourts Stafford is a leading Brisbane based real estate agency.


Harcourts Stafford is looking for both an innovative means of standing out from its competitors and a means of better connecting with customers using engaging mediums.


UnifiedAR worked with Harcourts Stafford to trial augmented reality enabled real estate advertising from their property street signage.

Consumers that drove or walked by one of Harcourts Staffords properties was able to download the UnifiedAR app to scan the property street signage to receive video overviews of the property that then linked through to the managing agent for either additional information and/or to book a private viewing. Where available viewers were also directed through to interactive 3D walkthroughs of properties and an extended immersion.