White Label Solutions

Enter the world of augmented reality, with your own white label augmented reality solutions.

UnifiedAR can create your own branded AR apps, quickly and easily, saving you over 90% on expected development costs.



Per month*
Excludes tax

Excludes monthly campaign fees


  • Your own AR apps available from app stores
  • All app store submissions
  • Ongoing app update and maintenance
  • UnifiedAR AR campaign management platform
  • Separate content database

Cost Effective

Save over 90% on usual development costs and time by using UnifiedAR’s rebranded AR  app solution. Benefit from the functionality and features of the UnifiedAR self-service platform.


Customise the app to suit your business. UnifiedAR branding will be replaced by your company branding. Additional customisation and features that are specific to your own business can be added if required.


Bring print collateral such as brochures, flyers, books and signage to life with interactive video and 3D content. Use markerless AR to showcase your products in 3D in the real world.

What is Included

Rebranded augmented reality platform

Apps for Apple and Google

Apps are developed for both Android and Apple. UnifiedAR will look after the re-branding and app submission to Google and Apple app stores.

Your Own Branding

UnifiedAR branding will be replaced by your own company branding, including the app icon, Welcome/splash screen and user interface.

UnifiedAR Platform

UnifiedAR’s technology and the backend platform will be integrated with your app so that you can easily set up, manage and monitor the performance of your AR campaigns.

Technical Support

UnifiedAR will manage your app and backend updates and re-submission to app stores when Android and Apple update their operating systems or devices.

Who is Using White Label UnifiedAR Technology

Activ8AR mobile app


CuriocityAR mobile app


Sheldon College mobile app

Sheldon College AR

Track and Engage

Call to action

Connect Print with Digital

Finally integrate print seamlessly with your digital marketing. Connect your print collateral with your digital by linking it to your website, online store or CRM whilst measuring ROI.

Track Engage iPad

Track Engagement

Powerful analytics will show how and where your audience is engaging with your print marketing. Use this data to re-engage via other digital channels such as social media and paid search.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Re-engage with targeted push notifications. Send push notifications to consumers based on how they have interacted with your augmented reality campaigns.

AR Consultation

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Standard Solutions

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